The murder of a Christian pastor in Kano has raised questions about justice, justice and fairness for non-Muslims in the Muslim-dominated Kano state. Muslim bloodletting killed Rev. Shuaibu for his alleged role in converting a Muslim to Christianity in the area. Such appalling acts of religious extremism are nothing new in Kano state. Kano is one of the Muslim majority states in northern Nigeria that have Sharia law. Islamic theocracy prevails in the region. Kano State officially treats non-Muslims as second-class citizens.

Muslim extremists engage in attacks and killings of non-Muslims with impunity. The authorities of the federal government turn a blind eye to Muslim abuse of faith and crimes. The Christian Association of Nigeria demands that justice be done in the case of the late Pastor Shuaibu. But will justice prevail? Police have reportedly arrested some suspects. But are they prosecuted and punished for their crimes? It is not in the character of the Islamic Kano State to ensure fairness and justice for non-Muslim believers. Whenever Muslim jihadists rage, attack or kill non-Muslims, as in the case of Pastor Shuaibu, the government of Kano state flatters the Islamic base. State officials look the other way; they pretend not to know their duty and responsibility. State actors pretend to be ignorant of the law and the constitution. Muslim attackers and murderers get away with it because the murder of a non-Muslim is not treated as a criminal act.

In some cases, where the victims survive, they are arrested and detained for their safety. Victims of Islamic mob attacks are prosecuted for engaging in activities that could violate public peace. In situations where they did not survive, as in the case of Rev Shuaibu, suspects could be arrested. But they were later secretly released. As in Bridget Agbahime’s case, whenever suspected perpetrators are brought to justice, prosecutors have declared a Nolle Prosequi in the case at some point. You would release the bloodletting. Everyone expects the pattern to play out in the case of Rev Shuaibu. The Kano state government could also choose to prove the experts otherwise. Now the police have arrested some suspects, are they using the delaying tactic? Will the police prosecute them in court? Will the police hold her until the tension is released and then release her? It is known that prosecutors sometimes pretend to be diligent about the matter. They would bring the case to court and later abandon the process or get the judge to dismiss it. Would this drama play out in the case of Rev Shuaibu?

Leo Igwe, [email protected]

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