Startling new developments revealed about the Buffalo mass shooting


Footage showing a group of men attacking female patrons at a restaurant in Tangshan, China, went viral earlier this week

The horror attack triggered outrage around the world, with many calling for the perpetrators to be punished.

The video shows one of the men approaching a woman in the restaurant around 2:40 a.m. and then violently hitting her as she pushes him away.

The confrontation worsened when more men began attacking the woman, as well as other women in the restaurant.

Is this treated appropriately considering there is physical evidence?

Human Rights Watch’s Yaqiu Wang spoke exclusively to tickerNEWS.

She says the government has announced that several perpetrators have been arrested and will be held accountable for the attack, as footage was used as evidence.

“I think it was firstly because it was captured by a surveillance camera, and secondly, there was this uproar on the Chinese internet and people were demanding that these people be brought to justice,” says Wang.

She says the woman who was attacked was lucky that there was CCTV recording the attack.

“I’m sure this has happened to many other women in China, but these assaults were never caught on security cameras and never went viral online, and the police never took any action.”

What’s the bigger problem here?

Wang says this is a case of gander-based violence.

“It’s definitely not limited to China, it’s a problem around the world,” she says.

Saying that it’s obvious the Chinese government has a lot of power to address issues it wants, but they don’t seem interested in tackling these kinds of issues.

“This state has so much power… [and] Ability to address gender-based violence, only the government doesn’t.”


China only criminalized domestic violence in March 2016, and before 2001 physical abuse was not even a ground for divorce.

Wang says enforcement of such laws in China is insufficient.

“People are still complaining about it online, they call the police and the police come and nothing comes of it, or they went through the court system then let’s say the judge jailed… the man spent fewer days in hospital than the woman.” ,” She says.

“Well, I mean, there are laws, but the law isn’t well enforced.”

China’s growing influence on the future generation

As Hong Kong is less of an independent territory and merges into a region of China, students are taught that the state was never a British colony.

New reports say that school textbooks are now adopting the Beijing narrative, declaring that the British government “exercised colonial rule only in Hong Kong”.

The books claim that China’s sovereignty over Hong Kong has never been violated.

This textbook change is an example of Beijing’s tightened ideological controls.

“It just fits into the broader trend of … Beijing taking more and more control over Hong Kong,” Wang says.

“It creates a new narrative of Hong Kong history.”


Wang says the Chinese government uses such schemes to influence the population.

“Erasing the true story and creating a new narrative of what happened in the past has always been one of the Chinese government’s basic tactics to control the country.”

Should there be more protection for the younger generation in the future?

“Yeah, but you know how do you do that?” says Wang.

She says the Chinese government has always censored information that could shed a different light on the government’s dictated public narrative.

The government is hiding the true story and events for fear of losing power over the Chinese people.

Resorting to the dissemination of misleading education, especially to the younger generation, and propaganda to maintain authoritarian control in the country.

Danaya Malenda contributed to this report.


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