Taliban are again issuing Afghan passports


Kabul, October 5th (EFE) .- The Taliban began issuing current passports on Tuesday under the name Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, despite the fact that Islamists refer to the country as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan after taking power on August 15th.

“The leadership of the Islamic Emirates has decided to issue and distribute the current passports (with the name Islamic Republic of Afghanistan) to the citizens,” said Interior Ministry spokesman Qari Saeed Khosty at a press conference in Kabul.

The decision to resume passport issuance after the trial was suspended after Kabul fell into the hands of the Islamists was made to “meet the urgent needs of compatriots,” he added.

The spokesman said Afghans face problems every day due to the lack of passports, especially citizens who have to travel for “medical treatment, business, study abroad and those wanting to leave the country.”

The director of the passport authority, Alam Gul Haqqani, said in the press program on Tuesday that the country would issue around 25,000 passports in the first round, which have already been paid for and are being processed.

He also promised to expedite passport issuance to 6,000 a day, twice as many as the overthrown Afghan government, adding that the process would be expanded to other regions in the country.

In contrast to other institutions of the Taliban government, the passport department has asked “all female employees” to return to their jobs from now on, Haqqani said.

Around 170,000 Afghans have applied for passports after the Taliban’s victory led to the suspension of commercial flights, although international evacuations from Kabul began and lasted until August 31, the deadline for the withdrawal of remaining US troops from the country after two decades Occupation.

Since August the entire country has been under the control of the Taliban, whose previous government (1996-2001) was characterized by a strict interpretation of Islamic law (Sharia), human rights violations and the emigration of large numbers of citizens. EFE

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