Taliban forbid playing music in cars


It’s getting much quieter on the streets of Afghanistan. The Taliban have banned the playing of music in cars, another ban the group has put in place in the country since they came to power in August.

Afghan drivers received written recommendations not to play music in their cars and only to take women with them as passengers in headscarves.

The Taliban’s Ministry for Promoting Virtue and Preventing Vice, which is responsible for the implementation of Islamic law in the country, confirmed the new restrictions to a local news agency in Kabul on Saturday.

The broadcaster too sent a photo of the driver notification on Twitter.

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Taliban ban foreign exchange in Afghanistan amid financial disaster

The Taliban have imposed numerous restrictions on daily life since entering the country within a few weeks and taking Kabul five months ago.

In late November, the group announced that women would no longer star in TV dramas, while requiring journalists and presenters to wear headscarves on screen.

One noticeable move is a decree earlier this month banning forced marriage in Afghanistan, stating that women should not be considered as ‘Property’ and cannot be taken as wife without the consent of the wife.

However, the international community remains concerned about how to safeguard women’s rights to work and education under the Taliban.

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