Taliban officials claim they have arrested 200 murders and abducted defendants in the past 3 months


11/17/2021 10:04 PM IS

Kabul [Afghanistan]Nov 17 (ANI): Taliban officials said on Wednesday that they had arrested 200 people accused of murder and kidnapping in the past three months in Mazar-e-Sharif city and Balkh province districts.
“During the last three months when the Islamic Emirate took power, we arrested 200 murder, kidnapping and robbery accused and they are awaiting the courts,” security chief Abdul Hai Abed told Tolo News.
“Forty of them were arrested in the two weeks,” he said.
Meanwhile, Abdul Hai Abed added that the Islamic emirate had started the process of cleansing and reforming the province, Tolo News reported.
“The commission is sorting and reforming the forces that have been newly established in the province and has already started the preparatory work,” said Abed.

The Taliban previously set up a commission to clean up the ranks and carry out reforms within the military in northern Afghanistan.
Mazar-e-Sharif corps chief Attaullah Omari said the commission has committed to work to recognize and punish those who abuse the Islamic emirate’s name in the north, Tolo News reported.
The commission will work to prevent Islamic State (Daesh) intruders into the armed forces of the Islamic Emirates.
Daesh first appeared in Nangarhar, Afghanistan, at the end of 2014. Its tough goal remains the implementation of Sharia law and warned that anyone who opposes Islam and the Koran must face the wrath of the terrorist group.
Since August 15, Daesh has carried out a deadly spate of suicide attacks and targeted bombings in several provinces, killing dozen of people. While some attacks have also targeted the Taliban.
It is believed that most of the Daesh recruits from the Taliban branches in Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan defected to seek an even more extreme interpretation of Islam with more international than inner-centered goals of “caliphate” control.
The intensification of attacks by the Daesh group has raised concern in regional countries. (ANI)


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