The Da Vinci of Debt art exhibition highlights the college’s debt crisis


An art exhibition at New York’s Grand Central Station highlighting the rising costs of college education is touted as “the world’s most expensive work of art”.

The installation, titled “Da Vinci of Debt,” runs Thursday through Saturday at Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Station and is created using 2,600 authentic college graduate degrees valued at $ 470 million.

The installation was built by American brewery Anheuser-Busch to celebrate their Natural Light College debt relief program, which is donating $ 1 million to help people who are saddled Student Loan Debt.

“Chaotic Influence” of College Debt

The company added up the cost of the diplomas – an average of $ 180,000 – to evaluate the artwork at an exorbitant price.

“Only in the art world can a single banana sell for $ 120,000 and an artist’s used bed linen for $ 150,000. While other works of art like this are rated arbitrarily, the value of “Da Vinci of Debt” results from the average total costs of a four-year college education ”, says Anheuser-Busch. said.

The artwork is intended to both “illustrate the magnitude of the crippling debt crisis and point to the chaotic effects college debt has on those burdened by it.”

Vice President of the company, Daniel Blake, justified the astronomical price of the exhibit by saying that it was a fitting analogy to the super-expensive Post-secondary education costsalthough both are ultimately useless and impossible to justify.

With a Quarter of American households The artwork is a crushing indictment of the skyrocketing student debt crisis that has become one of the country’s biggest problems.

The installation is open to visitors and entertains bidders who want to acquire this provocative and contemporary work of art.


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