The emerging concept of Islamophobia


In Islam, killing one person is seen as killing all of humanity

In this age of material advancement, when human society enjoys innumerable benefits, this advancement has created divisions and hatred among mankind, and hypocrisy, intrigue and conspiracies are rapidly influencing society. Because the way this approach to progress has killed people is a place of sorrow for all. It’s as if human values ​​seem to be falling all over the world right now. There is bitter conflict between nations, countries and civilizations, and sectarian tensions are increasing. In Islam, killing one person is seen as killing all of humanity. The fact is that Islam is a universal religion that has raised all people of the world to a high place of respect, dignity and greatness. It incited people against discrimination and hate and inculcated mutual love and affection.

Man is peaceful and just by nature, but when the enemies of mankind kindle the embers of hatred, man deviates from his nature. Unfortunately, at various times, the people of the West have used hateful propaganda as a weapon against their opponents. This passion for hate has become a stronghold that has made Westerners victims of Islamophobia. “Phobia” is a modern form of neologism. It is a mental illness in which the patient feels anxiety and fear when seeing something strange. The suffering of Islamophobia is increasing in the West because of the fear of Islam and Muslims. The term Islamophobia is 40 to 50 years old, but its widespread use came after 9/11. The Western media launched an organized campaign against Islam and portrayed Muslims as terrorists. In this regard, the Western print and electronic media portrayed Islam in a horrible and barbaric way, and the other anti-Islamic organizations around the world took advantage of the opportunity to follow that anger as well. After 9/11, news and reports were published that portrayed Muslims as enemies of the West. However, all of this is very baseless and fabricated propaganda based on lies, prejudice and hatred, deliberately spread against a civilized, pacifist, creative and joyful religion like Islam by the enemies of humanity who are afraid of the characteristics of Islam would. It offends the desires and habits of lusty and sensual people and is the source of peace and tranquility for all mankind. How can a religion that promotes fraternity, brotherhood, unity and reconciliation in every perspective of life promote terrorism and extremism? Undoubtedly, all the religions of the world not only accept but openly acknowledge this extraordinary feature of Islam.
Originating from the harsh deserts and barren plains of Arabia, Islam has become the second largest religion in the world today, covering more than half of the Earth’s land area and accounting for more than 30% of the world’s population. Behind are hundreds of stories about human welfare, service and the exaltation of humanity. One of the main causes of Islamophobia and a concern of Western imperialists is the influx of non-Muslims into Islam and the rapidly growing number of Muslims. According to census analysis in England and Wales and the Office for National Statistics, one in ten children under the age of five is Muslim and the rate of Muslim children is 09%. According to Oxford University Professor David Coleman, England hosted Muslims long before Muslims from Pakistan, Bangladesh and India came here, but now Muslims from African countries and the Middle East are also turning to England.
According to the Runnymede Trust Report 1997, “Islam is viewed as alien in the West”. The reason for this is the anti-Islamic propaganda of the Western media, which pursues a specific agenda and exaggerates anti-Islamic propaganda. Islam has been portrayed as the enemy of western civilization, culture and the western world. It was propagated in such a way that each individual or group of individuals was portrayed as the entire Muslim world. White terrorism, on the other hand, was portrayed as individual culpability.
The disease of spreading Islamophobia is headed for the clash of civilizations. The Koran’s abusive behavior in Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib prisons was the result of Islamophobia. Also, how Muslims were attacked in mosques in New Zealand was no trivial matter but a step towards a clash of civilisations. Every day, abusive actions against Muslims and offensive caricatures and sketches of the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) also pave the way for a clash of civilizations in some parts of Europe. During a visit to Saudi Arabia, UN Secretary-General Guterres described Islamophobia as a threat to world peace. That’s because Westerners have gone so far in Islamophobia that they don’t recognize the persecution of unarmed Muslims. From the Rohingya to Palestine and other parts of the world, there is no sympathy for the unarmed Muslims who are being persecuted. Some Muslim leaders repeatedly urged Westerners to overcome Islamophobia and wake up for the good of humanity while turning to the United Nations, but the result was not satisfactory. The people of the West are being swept by the disease of Islamophobia and the negligence of the international community will surely lead to a terrible world war and will inevitably turn out to be a clash of civilisations.
One of the main goals of the United Nations is to ensure the promotion and respect of basic self-determination and fundamental rights for all, regardless of race, sex, language or religion. In the past, different religious and ethnic groups were separate and had little in common, so that the minority almost did not exist, but the development of democracy led to the emergence of multi-religious, multilingual and multicultural societies. And as the existence of minorities increased, the importance of minority rights was strongly felt in the world, which is why minority rights were enshrined in international law.
The world has shrunk because of social media, and human interactions and circumstances have become much easier. The world must now acknowledge the fact that terrorism has no religion. The world must unite and fight terrorism, not religion. It is time to resolve this issue on an international level without giving it a regional, ethnic or religious connotation, and Muslims must demonstrate through their words, deeds, morals and high values ​​that Islam is about security goes; a religion that also defends the rights of other creations. The image of religions dividing humanity must be erased. All religions of the world teach the good of mankind. So there is a need to move forward with the concept of peace and justice, which is more beneficial and prosperous for the whole world.

The author is Senior Researcher of Islamic Studies at BGSB University
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