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Iran wants nuclear talks to resume with the world powers to lift US sanctions, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said in a recorded speech at the United Nations Annual General Assembly. “The Islamic Republic is considering the useful talks, the end result of which is the lifting of all repressive (US) sanctions,” said Raisi in his address. Hardline cleric Raisi, under personal US sanctions on allegations of human rights violations in his past as a judge, said the US sanctions imposed by former President Donald Trump in 2018 were “crimes against humanity during the coronavirus pandemic.” The harsh sanctions that the US has imposed again since 2018 have caused Iran to violate the limits of the agreement. However, Iran says its nuclear moves are reversible if the US lift all sanctions. The indirect talks between Iran and the US to revive the 2015 nuclear pact ended two days after Raisi was elected Iranian president in June. The parties involved in the negotiations have not yet announced when the next round of negotiations will resume. However, Iran said on Tuesday that talks with the world powers in Vienna on the resumption of the nuclear pact would resume in a few weeks. Australian Associated Press



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