The swamp monsters who run Biden’s White House




“The evacuation was an extraordinary effort – under the most difficult conditions imaginable,” said Foreign Minister Antony Blinken on September 13 about the withdrawal of the Biden government from Afghanistan. “In the end, we completed one of the largest airlifts in history with 124,000 people brought to safety.”

On Tuesday, Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas admitted that of the more than 60,000 people evacuated from Kabul and brought to the United States, only 3% were Afghan special immigrant visa holders.

Thinking only of optics, the Biden administration has failed to prioritize the Americans and our Afghan allies in order to get the largest number possible. An unknown number of US citizens and Afghan special immigrant visa holders have had their lives at stake in war-torn Afghanistan while tens of thousands of unchecked Afghans are already in the US

And then there is the misdirected drone attack. The day before the US launched a “just†attack on an ISIS broker near Kabul airport, Mr Biden swore on national television that he would hunt terrorists “to the ends of the world†and we will – She will Pay the ultimate price. ”

The strike silenced many of Mr Biden’s critics and were the words the American public wanted to hear.

But as we learned last week, no ISIS broker was killed. However, there were ten civilians, including seven innocent children and a helper who carried water into his car.

Regarding the crisis on the southern border, Mayorka said the week, the 15,000 Haitian migrants camped under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, posed only a “challenge” and claimed our borders were closed.

“Our borders are not open and people shouldn’t make the dangerous journey,” Mayorkas said. “If you enter the US illegally, you will be sent back.”

It’s tough talk, but according to Associated Press reports, it’s not true.

“Haitians have been released on a ‘very, very large scale’ in the past few days, according to a US official who put the number in the thousands,” AP reported on Wednesday, supporting other news outlets that estimated 75 to 90% of cross-border get free entry into the United States. An additional 20,000 reading Haitians are reportedly waiting in Colombia to travel to the United States once the road is clear.

Do you feel a pattern here? The Biden administration lies, deceives, and deceives the American people – at every turn – into believing in a false reality.

However, this should come as no surprise. Mr. Biden’s closest advisers are among the most experienced in deception.

It was Mr Blinken who, under the Obama administration, worked closely with Ben Rhodes and now Secretary of State Ned Price to produce a dishonest narrative on diplomacy surrounding the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal in order to garner public support.

The current Pentagon press secretary, John Kirby, also played a role. He was State Department press secretary under then-President Obama and actively downplayed the government’s $ 400 million cash payment to Iran. In 2016, the Wall Street Journal reported that payment was delivered to Iranians after American prisoners left Tehran. Mr Kirby insisted that it was not a ransom payment but rather a settlement of a dispute over pre-Islamic military equipment in Iran. Yes, exactly.

But not only Mr. Blinken, Mr. Price and Mr. Kirby have a master in spin.

Jake Sullivan, Mr Biden’s National Security Advisor, helped in 2016 on behalf of his then boss Hillary Clinton against former President Donald J. Trump in the fake Russia collusion narrative.

Mr Sullivan advocated the conspiracy theory that there is a covert server connecting the Trump organization to a Russia-based bank.

“This could be the most direct connection yet between Donald Trump and Moscow,” Sullivan claimed at the time. “Computer scientists have apparently discovered a covert server that connects the Trump organization with a Russian bank. This secret hotline could be the key to unraveling the mystery of Trump’s ties to Russia … This line of communication could help explain Trump’s bizarre admiration for Vladimir Putin. “

Mr. Sullivan added, “We can only assume that federal agencies will now investigate this direct link between Trump and Russia as part of their existing investigation into Russian interference in our elections.”

We now know it’s all wrong. But it helped the special investigator investigate Trump during his tenure and lay the groundwork for his first impeachment.

And let’s not forget Susan Rice, who now heads Mr Biden’s Home Affairs Council, and her role in Benghazi – she disguises the planned terrorist attack as something that emerged from public protests against a US-made film that mocked Islam . Or their involvement in spreading the false Russia collusion narrative by “exposing†the new National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn and other Trump officials.

For his part, Mr Mayorkas is just lucky enough to have a job. During his tenure with the DHS under the Obama administration, an IG report accused him of playing favorites when issuing visas and green cards. The IG report specifically focused on allegations of special treatment for friends of Harry Reid and Terry McAuliffe.

The Biden government is full of lying swamp monsters who will do and say anything to maintain their positions of power. Believe your eyes, not the spin.

• Kelly Sadler is the Commentary Editor for the Washington Times.



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