Top military assistant predicts that the US will soon flee Syria and the Persian Gulf


TEHERAN – Yahya Rahim Safavi, a senior military advisor to the leader of the Islamic Revolution, has predicted that Americans will flee Syria and the Persian Gulf region very soon after their humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“In the meantime they have to flee the Persian Gulf and West Asia because they cannot stay in this region,” Fars quoted Rahim Safavi as saying.

The Americans must flee Syria as soon as possible after their humiliating experience in Afghanistan, the top military adviser predicted.

Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said on Sunday the US should pull out of his country before it is too late.

On the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, he told the China Media Group (CMG) that lessons should be learned from last month’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, which he described as “an absolute humiliation for the United States and its allies”.

Secretary of State Mekdad also said on Aug. 29 that the United States’ “thundering defeat” in Afghanistan will lead to similar defeats for American forces in Syria and other parts of the world.

Mekdad said the US withdrawal from Afghanistan was “a powerful lesson for US allies and tools in the region and the world.”

“Common interest, threats”

Safavi also praised Iran’s membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), saying Iran shares common interests and threats with key members of the organization.

“Iran, as the largest power in the West Asia region, has joined the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) because of common interests, threats and enemies, while the Americans are in conflict with Russia, China and North Korea,” Rahim Safavi added.

North Korea is neither a partner, an observer nor a member of the SCO.

He emphasized that Iran, as a great power in West Asia, has expanded and expanded the power of the SCO, as it connects power in the East with power in West Asia and the Mediterranean.

“In fact, Iran has increased the geopolitical, geo-economic and geostrategic weight of the Shanghai organization,” emphasized Rahim Safavi, professor of geostrategic studies.

He also predicted that the new power bloc in Asia would confront the US-led western bloc

The former IRGC commander predicted that Asia will economically replace the West in the future.

Rahim Safavi’s view is shared by many other analysts.

“The power of the Asian continent will become the world’s number one economic powerhouse over the next few decades, and it is undoubtedly a fact that American power is in decline.”

In related remarks, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Major General Hossein Salami said Iran is strengthening its power to win a victory against Washington, noting that Israel is no longer counted as a power.

“We built power to defeat the US When we build power for the greatest military empire of mankind, the US, small powers like the Zionist regime are no longer included in our equations,” said General Salami.

He stressed that the Iranian nation had succeeded in defeating the cruel US sanctions and economic war, as well as the psychological pressure and heavy media operations of Washington and other Western powers, and defusing their conspiracies.

The sanctions that former US President Donald Trump imposed on Iran as part of his “maximum pressure” campaign remain in place despite a change of government in the USA

In related remarks on September 19, General Salami said the US had lost its power and was a defeated, volatile and depressed state that was forced to withdraw its troops from the region.

The IRGC chief openly referred to the scandalous US exit from Afghanistan after 20 years of occupation.

“Today we no longer see the dangerous USA, but we are witnessing a failed, fleeing and depressed USA,” said General Salami.

General Salami was also pleased that the resistance of the Iranian nation had also helped them withstand all pressures.

“In our own country, the Iranian nation has engaged in resistance despite all natural or imposed constraints [too]. And now these obstacles will be removed, the adversity will give way to easier times and the streets will be paved, ”he said.

The whole world now envies this nation, which has been successfully asserting itself against great powers for more than four decades, said the commander.

“Iran’s name is identified with greatness, compassion, progress, integrity and unity,” he said.


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