US condemns Iran’s Supreme Leader’s “egregious anti-Semitic” statements


The US special envoy to monitor and counter anti-Semitism has condemned statements by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, calling them “unacceptable and dangerous”.

In a tweet Thursday, Deborah Lipstadt said, “We condemn this ongoing, egregious anti-Semitism,” adding, “This rhetoric is unacceptable — let alone dangerous — especially from a head of state.”

Calling on the Islamic Republic to end its anti-Semitic attitude towards the world, she said: “It must stop.”

She responded to a tweet from Khamenei’s official account a day earlier, on July 27, saying that the Western powers were described as a “mafia,” noting, “At the head of this mafia are the prominent Zionist merchants, and the politicians obey them. The US is their showcase and they are scattered everywhere.”

His comments came as tensions between Iran and Israel have been simmering in recent weeks Israel forms alliances with the regional countries against the Islamic Republic and Tehran claims it is Dealed heavy blows to Israel without naming a specific event.

Earlier in the week, Israeli envoy to the United Nations Gilad Erdan told Iran International that Iran is enriching uranium almost to military grade, noting: “This is a clear threat to the security of our region and the whole world. It needs to be addressed by this Security Council, and this Council is silent.”


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