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The Sothys, a Vietnamese oil tanker seized by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps off the coasts of Iran last month, was released after unloading its Iranian crude oil, the IRGC said on Wednesday.

The IRGC’s public relations department said in a report on Wednesday that the Sothys oil tanker was released on an arrest warrant after the Iran-owned oil shipment was unloaded in the southern port city of Bandar Abbas.

Last week the IRGC released footage of its confrontation last month against a US piracy act that targeted an Iranian fuel shipment.

During the episode that occurred on October 25, American forces seized the tanker carrying a cargo of Iranian oil in the strategic sea of ​​Oman and transferred its cargo of crude oil to another ship.

The IRGC then conducted a sea operation against the second ship, landed its helicopters on its deck, and navigated the ship towards Iranian waters. The US forces then pursued the oil tanker with several helicopters and warships, but their attempt failed after the determined and determined action of the IRGC. The American armed forces tried again to block the path of the oil tanker with more forces and additional warships, but their attempt failed again.

On Wednesday morning, the IRGC commander Major General Hossein Salami met with the soldiers involved in the operation to capture the Vietnamese oil tanker.

The Supreme General praised the IRGC forces for their heroic confrontation with the armada of the “US terrorist army” in the Sea of ​​Oman, saying the Iranian armed forces had acted professionally and demonstrated that the enemy’s power was weak.


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